The 2024 Masters Caddie Payout: How Much Caddies Make At The Masters

  2024  Masters Caddie Payout Credit: Tariq Mahmud Naim / It’s the most anticipated week in all of golf, and all the beauty of Augusta National will be on full display. In this, the 90th anniversary of arguably the most prestigious tournament in all of Golf, anticipations are high to see who will claim the very elusive Green Jacket at the 2024 Masters. The top 50 players in the world, along with a few notables from LIV Golf, will be battling it out to add their names to the annals of history. The Green Jacket isn’t all that’s up for grabs here. The winner and top players, and caddies alike, will bring their A game to get their share of this year’s sizable purse. The 2024 masters purse The total purse at the 2024 Masters is is a whopping $20 million. This marks the largest pot at the historic event and follows along with astronomical payouts we've seen over the last 3 years. Compared to the 2023 Masters purse , that's a healthy 11% increase. This year's mast